"An intellectually enticing, comprehensible, and useful . . . journal that is recommended for virtually all academic collections."- Library Journal

"Is your institution uncommonly dedicated to mind stretching?"- adopted from CHOICE

For 14 years, BRIDGES has provided academicians on 4 continents with compelling, topical interdisciplinary conversation. BRIDGES (ISSN 1042-2234) provides a forum for interdisciplinary reflection on themes that share the common focus of values, humaneness, ethics, and meaning. The journal is formally affiliated with Lebanon Valley College of Pennsylvania, and is a member of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ). BRIDGES is a lively, semi-annual publication that provides a forum for in-depth reflection on a wide variety of issues ranging from cosmology and evolution; the Holocaust, Hiroshima, and genocide; and the impact of information technologies on contemporary life to global climate change; commodification and the market as God; and crime and punishment. This journal does what's implied in its title bridge the chasms that too often separate academic disciplines in order to present a balanced picture of the possibilities inherent in human discourse.
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