Guidelines for Submission of Manuscripts:
Manuscripts are to be sent to the
Editor, BRIDGES, Editorial and Marketing Offices,
P.O. Box 3075
Oakton, VA 22124
Telephone 703.281.4722

Authors alone are responsible for the content of their articles, the accuracy and completeness of their bibliographic citations, and all necessary permissions for quotations and photographs.

The Editorial Board of BRIDGES welcomes manuscripts that are apropos to the Statement of Purpose. Submissions shall be no longer than 15 double-space typed or word-processed pages (~4,500 words) in length (excluding endnotes). Except for quotations, manuscripts must be in English. Notes shall be numbered consecutively and appear at the end of the manuscript in
single-spaced format.

Sample Endnotes

Article in a Scholarly Periodical
Gordon D. Kaufman, "Nuclear Eschatology and the Study of Religion," Journal of the American Academy of Religion 51 (1982): 3.

Book With One Author Paul K. Feyerabend, Against Method: Outline of an Anarchistic Theory of Knowledge (London: NLB, 1975), p. 36.

Book With One Author (and translators) Ernst Cassirer, The Problem of Knowledge: Philosophy, Science, and History since Hegel, trans. William H. Woglom and Charles W. Hendel (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1950), pp. 139-43.

Book With Two Editors
Imre Lakatos and Alan Musgrave, eds., Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1970), p. 10.

Newspaper Article
New York Times, 6 February 2002, p. 3.

Margins shall be no less than one inch on all sides of the page. Two copies
(no carbons or dot matrix) of each manuscript must be sent. Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope to ensure return. BRIDGES is not responsible for any damage or loss incurred in mailing. Allow approximately 3 months for reply. Especially helpful are electronic submissions that are compatible with International Business Machine (IBM) personal computers, specifically those manuscripts created using Corel WordPerfect 10 software on DOS-formatted 3.5" diskettes or CD-ROM. Articles shall contain a 150-word abstract, to be submitted as a separate page. A listing of six to eight keywords should be included on the page with the abstract. Article titles should be very informative to assist in retrieval from data base searches. Authors shall also submit a 100-word vita that includes the reasons why they wrote their particular piece. Because manuscripts will be evaluated on an anonymous basis, authors should have no reference to their name on any other than the Title Page.

No manuscript will be considered for publication if it is concurrently under consideration by another journal or press or if it has been published or is soon to be published elsewhere. Both restrictions apply to the substance as well as to the exact wording of the manuscript. The Editor reserves the right to copy-edit all accepted manuscripts in accord with current University of Chicago Manual of Style guidelines. Sexist language will also be altered at the Editor's discretion. The Editor may suggest other changes in the interest of clarity and economy of expression; such changes are not made without consultation with authors. The Editor is the final arbiter of length, grammar, and usage.


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